Shredder Head Rebuilding
Why stop production just because your knives are dull? Just swap it out!

You cannot afford down time for 8 to 16 hours while performing a knife change (like other manufacturers). Our exclusive head design allows you to swap a dull head for a sharp one in less than one hour. That's a lunch break! Our 1000 series head is light enough to be removed with a only a 5,000 LB capacity forklift. Then replace the knives safely offline or send it back to BCA for a rebuild. BCA Industries provides an exclusive head rebuilding service for your shredder. No need to hire additional skilled mechanics to service the knives on your machine. All BCA shredder heads are light enough to be shipped standard by LTL freight on one pallet. For a very reasonable price we re-sharpen or replace you dull knives (knives get replaced after 5 to 6 sharpening's), fully inspect bearings, replace chains (if necessary), and reassembly your machine back to original factory specifications. You get a remanufactured machine with full factory warranty. Lead time is typically less than three weeks.

BCA Design Advantages:
  • 1 hour change out of heads to reduce downtime
  • No shaft washout due to "6 Key Shaft Design"
  • Proprietary dead zone design
  • Stay profitable during re-sharpen of a 2nd head

BCA Head Rebuilding Includes:
  • Re-sharpening
  • Full disassembly with knives off shafts
  • Hardface and re-grind knives
  • Re-machine spacers to size
  • Replace any needed bearings or chains
  • Inspect shafts, sprockets and reset journal ends
  • Reset bearing push for equal engagement
  • Clean and lubricate

To schedule service or to order parts, please contact a BCA representative at (414) 353-1002.

All this while you stay running and profitable! Let the BCA Rebuild Services shred your downtime costs!