ES2000 Series Shredder (Shown in a processing "system")
BCA Industries Industrial Shredders
Starting At: $217,000.00
Lead Time: 16 weeks
Shredder Head: Call for costs.

  • Semi, Automotive and Light Duty Truck Tires
  • Paper & Plastics
  • C and D waste
  • MSW
  • Electronic Waste
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Ragger Tail
  • High torque, high volume applications

The Toughest Shredding Applications: The Beast
Proprietary BCA hydraulic cluster drive system. Shown above is a processing "system" that starts with an ES2000. The dual chamber is an optional addition to the base shredder.

Design Advantages:
  • 55" to 72" x 44" cutting chambers
  • 8" 4130 Chromoly steel shafts
  • BCA 6 keyed “no washout” shaft system
  • 24" diameter hard-faced knives
  • Cleaning fingers and dead-zones
  • Proprietary hydraulic cluster drive system
  • Auto reverse protection/Overload protection
  • Full PLC control for system integration
  • 32,000 lb unit made in the USA

  • Dual cutting chambers available
  • Up to 800HP rated
  • BCA recirculation system
  • Custom screens available
  • Custom BCA systems in 3D design
  • Conveyors, hoppers, magnetics and secondaries
  • BCA patented Chipper/ Shredder knives available
  • System set-up and on-site training

These are custom systems designed and developed for your needs, your business and your budget. Call us today and let us show you how to SHRED YOUR COSTS!

Custom System Configuration Samples: