Conveyors & Magnets
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  • Slider belt conveyors (steel and food grade stainless)
  • Custom belt materials and cleat designs
  • Trough belt conveyors
  • Folding conveyors
  • In-feed and out-feed hoppers
  • Overhead magnets
  • Magnetic pulleys

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  • Nord hollow shaft gear boxes
  • Electric and hydraulic drives
  • Side wiper system (eliminating pulley contamination)
  • Modular in-feed and out-feed hoppers
  • Integral overhead magnet mounts and non-magnetic zones
  • Custom magnetic circuit configurations and pulleys
  • 3D-modeled for easy concept development
  • Complete central control packages
  • Easy retrofitting into existing systems
  • Modular designs for easy upgrades and system modifications

BCA industries designs and manufactures custom conveyors and magnets for our systems and other industrial systems.

Utilizing the latest 3D modeling technology we can virtually build a custom material conveyance system to your exact specifications. Using this building concept we can introduce magnets and separation equipment into a more compact, simpler design. All systems are built and tested at our facility before shipment. Ensuring proper operation and performance before they reach your plant. With our design and expertise we can build a custom system, optimizing floor space and efficiency for the same price as off the shelf or used equipment. Talk with a BCA representative about an effective conveyance system for your plant.

See some of our conveyors and magnets:
BCA builds all conveyors to your specifications.

Complete Conveyor and Magnet System

Magnetic Belt

Folding Conveyor Detail

Folding Conveyor Extended

Out and Infeed Conveyor

Magnetic Overhead Side

Aggregate Conveyor

Aggregate Conveyor

Small Hopper Feed Conveyor

Conveyor Front View & Bearing

Trough Conveyors

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