Semi-Sidewall Remover - SWC-100 - Portable Gas
BCA Industries Industrial Shredders
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  • Semi tire sidewalls are a sellable product
  • Removing a sidewall reduces shredder maintenance
  • Allows processing of truck tires on a less expensive shredder
  • Cuts semi truck sidewall on tires up to 44" dia.
  • Unique design cuts both side wall in the same lift.
  • SSR Dual Auto-Lift - No need to remove the tire and flip it around.

Design Advantages:
  • All Hydraulic
  • 6 sidewalls in about 90 seconds
  • 11 foot long by 7 ½ feet wide by 5 ft tall and 2,000 lb
  • Without having to lift the 100 lb tire
  • Without operators’ hands near the cutters
  • Without plant expense – Portably
  • In just 35 seconds per tire
  • The Fastest, Safest and Most Profitable

  • Gas, Diesel, or Electric powered
  • Portable or Stationary models
  • Rent or Purchase